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Community Liaison Division

The mission of the Garden Grove Police Department’s Community Liaison Division is to build a partnership between the police department and the neighborhoods to improve the quality and safety of our community.

To achieve this, our division offers different types of crime prevention programs to engage community members in learning strategies- such as:

  • Neighborhood/Commercial Watch
  • Residential/Commercial Security Inspection
  • Public Presentations
  • School Programs
  • Child Safety (car seat inspection, new parent presentation, pool safety)
  • Traffic Safety
    • Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety

The division consists of Crime Prevention Officers who act as liaisons between the police department and the community by providing a personal point of contact. We are available to answer questions, refer the general public to local resources, and educate the public on how to prevent crime in the community. Crime prevention resources are tools to keep you safe.

Together we CAN and DO make a difference!

Community Connection Newsletter - Summer 2020

Contact Information

The Garden Grove Police Department’s Community Liaison Division can be reached at


Kelly Huynh 714-741-5760

East Division

Kris Backouris 714-741-5761

West Division & Latino Community

Reyna Rosales 714-741-5762

Korean Community & Volunteer Coordinator

Sharon Baek 714-741-5592

Vietnamese Community

Allyson Le 714-741-5763