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Accident Reduction Team

Garden Grove Police Care About Your Safety

The slightest distraction can divert a driver's eyes from the road. If you are driving, stay focused and avoid distractions. If you are a pedestrian or bike rider, pay extra attention to the cars and drivers around you. This message is from the Garden Grove Police Department Accident Reduction Team and GGTV3.

Message from the Chief

With the growing obsession on texting and social media, distracted driving has become an epidemic, and distracted walking has become an increasingly serious problem, not just in Garden Grove, but nationwide. More and more people are getting injured and killed for something that could wait. This is something we all have to think about.

Chief Tom DaRe

Accident Reduction Campaign

Mission: Reduce traffic collisions and prevent fatal accidents involving distracted/impaired drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Objective: Re-educate commuters on traffic safety rules and the importance of safely sharing roads with bicyclists and pedestrians.

In response to the nationwide increase of fatal accidents involving distracted drivers, and pedestrians and bicyclists not following traffic rules, the Garden Grove Police Department Accident Reduction Team was organized as part of a City campaign to reduce traffic collisions, and to prevent fatal accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

This year-round effort focuses on re-educating commuters on traffic safety rules, and the importance of safely sharing roads.

The Accident Reduction Team is a component of the Neighborhood Traffic Unit (NTU). The mission of the NTU is to improve the quality of life by providing the safest and most efficient flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic throughout the city.

California Office of Traffic Safety

California Office of Traffic Safety logoThe mission of the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is to effectively and efficiently administer traffic safety grant funds to reduce traffic deaths, injuries, and economic losses.

OTS strives to eliminate traffic injuries and deaths by making grants available to local and state public agencies for programs that help enforce traffic laws, educate the public in traffic safety, and provide effective means to reduce fatalities and injuries.

For 2023, the Garden Grove Police Department received a $325,000 grant from OTS for a year-long program of special enforcement and public awareness efforts to prevent fatal traffic accidents.

Pedestrian Safety Tips 101

Important Dates

November 25: Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Impaired Driving Enforcement
December: National Drunk and Drug Impaired Driving Prevention Month
December 7-11: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week