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Police Recruitment

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Garden Grove Police Department’s recruitment webpage. The greatest strength of the Garden Grove Police Department is the quality of our staff and the training, talent, and commitment they bring to providing superior public service. Garden Grove is a great place to live and work, and I invite you to see what opportunities are available here and apply for one of the open recruitment positions below. Thank you for considering us and I wish you all the best of luck.

Chief Todd Elgin

2019 Hiring Timeline

OPEN 1/2/2019
CLOSE 1/22/2019
PAT (Physical Agility Test) 2/2/2019 OCSA
PELLETB (Written Exam) 2/19/2019
APRIL 2019
OPEN 4/1/2019
CLOSE 4/29/2019
PAT (Physical Agility Test) 5/11/2019 OCSA
PELLETB (Written Exam) 5/15/2019
JULY 2019
OPEN 7/1/2019
CLOSE 7/29/2019
PAT (Physical Agility Test) 8/17/2019 OCSA
PELLETB (Written Exam) 8/21/2019
OPEN 10/1/2019
CLOSE 10/29/2019
PAT (Physical Agility Test) 11/16/2019 OCSA
PELLETB (Written Exam) 11/20/2019

Positions in the Garden Grove Police Department

Garden Grove Police Officers

Police Recruit

Salary: $28.30 Hourly

Police Recruit – Academy Enrolled

Salary: $28.30 Hourly

Police Officer – Academy Trained

Salary: $6,106 - $8,510 Monthly

Lateral Police Officer

Salary: $6,106 - $8,510 Monthly

Reserve Police Officer – Level I, II, III (Part-Time)

Salary: $18.10 - $23.50 Hourly

Public Safety Dispatcher

Public Safety Dispatcher

Salary: $4,808 - $6,700 Monthly

Police Records Specialist

Police Records Specialist

Salary: $3,750 - $5,227 Monthly

Police Cadet

Police Cadet (Part-Time)

Salary: $12 - $12.30 Hourly

PAT (Physical Agility Test)

Physical Agility Test

Obstacle Course: To pass, you must complete the following obstacles in 1 minute and 53 seconds or less.

• Slalom Barricade
• Six Foot Wall
• Balance Beam
• Belly Bars
• Five Foot Wall
• Monkey Bars
• Simulated Window
• Sprint

Dummy Drag: To pass, you must lift, drag, and pull a dummy (165 lb and 35 feet) in 10.3 seconds or less.

440 Yard Run: To pass, you must complete the 440 yard run in 1 minute and 52 seconds or less.

PELLETB (Written Exam)

The POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) measures skills that are associated with successful performance as a California peace officer.

Oral Panel Interview

What to Expect:

• The interview panel consist of two to five experts in the related field.
• The panel members will take turns asking questions. Be sure to address your responses to all panel members, not just the one asking the question.
• While you are speaking, the panel members may be taking notes.
• The panel members will use your interview responses along with other information, such as your application packet, resume, and supplemental responses to assess your qualifications.
• You will be notified of your results by e-mail.

Background Investigation

Medical Exam

Psychological Exam