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Vacation Home Check Request

Attention: The Vacation Home Check Program is suspended until further notice.

Download Interactive PDF

Vacation checks are designed for Garden Grove residents who are away on vacation for a minimum of FIVE (5) days or more.

We do NOT check vacant homes repossessed by lien holders; vacant for-sale homes; residences that are in a gated complex; or homes that have a live-in housesitter.

You do not have to call days in advance of your departure. Instead, please call your request in on the day you are actually leaving or no sooner than one day before.

AS SOON AS YOU'VE RETURNED, please call our 24-hour business number at (714) 741-5704 and speak to one of our police dispatchers to confirm that you did arrive back home on the date you've indicated.

Please call this same number if you find it necessary to shorten your vacation OR extend it.


Step 1 - Download Interactive PDF
Download the Vacation Home Check Request interactive form. It contains fields that you can select or fill in.

Step 2 - Save and Email PDF
Once the form is filled out, save the PDF and email to