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Graffiti Reward Program

The City of Garden Grove has programs in place to help eradicate graffiti including a reward program, a volunteer graffiti paint-out program, and an on-going graffiti removal program.

The Garden Grove Police Department’s Graffiti Reward Program is a proactive means of preventing graffiti, often by catching offenders in the act. The graffiti reward system is a great incentive for responsible citizens to come forward with information to assist police in arresting and convicting people who deface public and private property with graffiti.

The City of Garden Grove offers a reward, ranging from $50 to $500, for information leading to the identity, arrest, and possible conviction of a “tagger” or any person who willfully damages or destroys property in the city.

How does the graffiti reward program work?

Claims for a reward shall be filed with the City Clerk’s Office on the second floor of City Hall, at 11222 Acacia Parkway.

The following information must be included on the claim form:

  • Date & Time of Incident
  • Case Number
  • Location and owner, if known
  • Type of property damaged or destroyed by graffiti

Monetary compensation may take up to six months to be distributed.

Other Numbers

  • To report graffiti in progress, call the Garden Grove Police Department at 714-741-5704.
  • To report existing graffiti for cover up, call our 24-hour Graffiti Hotline at 714-741-5381.