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Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance FAQ

The mission of the Trees/Flood Control Section is to manage and maintain a safe urban forest and a storm drain system that have positive economic, environmental and aesthetic effects upon the community of Garden Grove.

The City of Garden Grove's urban forest team, which is comprised of staff from the Street Trees Section, is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the City's 20,000 beautiful trees that line the streets of Garden Grove. The City offers various tree planting programs including the Adopt a Tree Program and Memorial Tree Program.

Along with the services of a private, professional tree-trimming service, the Street Trees Section manages to regularly maintain the urban forest and the City's storm drain system.

The Street Trees Section takes pride in the professional and high quality work that they produce, and are committed to a high standard of customer service. The latest and best arborist’s techniques in maintaining trees in Garden Grove are part of the continuing education of the team. Each year, representatives from the group participate in a local association of both public and private foresters called Street Tree Seminar, attending both planning and informational workshops.

Several public committees have the authority to review the City's tree policies and procedures as an option; e.g., the Traffic Committee, the Neighborhood Improvement Committee, and Main Street Committee. Both the City and the contract teams solicit the public’s opinion on their performance and request comments through a “Customer Survey” door-hanger. Neighborhood meetings are organized when citizens have specific concerns, and community involvement in the caring for public trees by individuals and groups is encouraged through a variety of activities, such as Adopt-a-Park, Volunteer Connection Day, and Garden Grove Pride.

The City's Street Tree Program Plan and a well-developed, computerized tree inventory system are tools which assist section staff in the management of the urban forest.

You may contact the Tree Maintenance Section by calling (714) 741-5375