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Water Use FAQ's

Why is the delinquent date different than the turn-off date?

The City ordinance specifically indicates that the bill is due 35 days after mailing and is delinquent 42 days after mailing. The penalty is not charged until after the 42 days. Since there are two different dates, it is important to our citizens to let them know which date the account is late and at what date the penalty may be assessed.

What is the capital improvement charge?

Many water operations put this fee in their water rates. However, the City of Garden Grove decided to label the fee on a separate line. This money is placed in a separate fund for the upkeep of the reservoirs, mains, meters, etc.

What is the sewer maintenance fee?

The sewer maintenance fee is a fee that is set aside in a separate fund for the repair and upkeep of the sewer lines.

What is the service charge?

This is a charge which supports the ability for each citizen to have a meter and the necessary equipment which supplies the water to the property. The City has to have water available for each property whether it is used by the property owner or not. In addition, the proper water pressure must be maintained so that the water will flow to each of the services.

I am moving. How soon should I contact the water billing section to get a final bill?

The earlier the better to ensure that the meter is read in a timely manner. The latest you can call the water billing section is one day before you want the meter read for the final bill.

My billing is higher than normal. What should I do?

Occasionally this will occur. Please call the water billing section as soon as possible. This will allow our personnel to come out and check the meter reading. The City does not do water repairs to private property. However, we will check to see if the meter is moving when the citizen believes that all the water is off. If this should occur, there is probably a leak somewhere.

Is there a simple way for the owner to check to see if the water line has a leak?

The easiest way to check for a leak is to do the following:

  1. Be sure that all the water is off in and around the house.
  2. See if the meter indicator is moving, if it is not moving there is no leak at this time.
  3. If the meter indicator is moving, turn the main house valve off.
  4. Again, check to see if the indicator on the meter is moving.
  5. If the indicator is still moving, there is a leak between the meter and the main shut off valve. If the indicator is not moving, then the leak is somewhere on the other side of the shut-off valve.