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Use Water Wisely

Reasons for a High Water Bill

From time to time, the City receives inquiries from customers because of, what appears to be, an unusually high water bill. The following are brief explanations of possible reasons for high water usage, all of which can, and do, contribute to widely fluctuating water bills.

A Little Costs a Lot!

Leaks in the plumbing; the number one reason for high water bills. Just a slow drip can add up to 20 gallons a day. The most common leaks are in the bathroom involving the flushing mechanisms within the toilet tanks. Check all faucets for leaks caused by worn washers. Leaks outside the house can be extremely wasteful, especially when they occur in the main water line. Have leaks repaired as soon as discovered.

Seasonal Increases

Water usage can increase during warmer and drier weather. During this time, most of the water piped into homes is directed back out through hoses onto lawns and gardens. When more water is used outside, the potential for wasted water is greater. High usage can be due to excessive watering of lawns and shrubs, or forgetting to turn off the water, sending it wastefully down the storm drains.

Top Ten Water Wasters

1. Over watering your lawn
750 - 1,500 gallons a month

2. Leaky faucets
20 gallons a day for every leak

3. Running the hose while washing your car
150 gallons a wash

4. High-flow showerhead
500-800 gallons a month

5. Partial loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
300-800 gallons a month

6. Long showers
700 gallons a month

7. Hosing driveways and sidewalks
150 gallons each time; 600 gallons a month

8. Using toilet as a waste basket
400-600 gallons a month

9. Letting tap water warm up without capturing any
200-300 gallons a month

10. Sprinklers watering driveways, sidewalks or gutter
500 gallons a month