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Streets and Trees

The Streets and Street Trees Division is primarily responsible for maintaining the City's streets, sidewalks, storm drains/flood control channels and 20,000 street trees. In addition to these important functions, the Division is responsible for street sweeping, flood control inspection and repair, graffiti removal, hazardous spills response, shopping cart abatement, stormwater pollution prevention, and solid waste management.

Specifically, the Streets and Street Trees Division maintains 305 miles of streets, alleys, and parking lots, which includes: replacement of asphalt, preparation of streets for overlay and slurry seal projects, patching and paving for winterization, and crack sealing. In addition, the Streets Division maintains 418 miles of sidewalk, 647 miles of curb/gutter, and five miles of block wall, which includes: removal and repair of damaged concrete, pouring new concrete, root pruning to prevent damage to concrete, block wall building and repair, and sprinkler repair.

As a result of recent reductions in State revenue to the City, the Public Works Department has reduced its services by 10 percent. These necessary reductions have resulted specifically in the elimination of staffing in the Street, Trees, and Concrete Sections of the Streets and Street Trees Division. This affects how and to what extent the City’s urban forest and concrete network of curbs, gutters and sidewalks are managed. It is our hope that economic factors will change, and that when this happens, services will be restored. Until then, we ask for your patience and thank you for your understanding. For more information about these services, please call (714) 741-5375; or click on the Trees, or Streets Sections link below.