1. How often are City trees trimmed?

The City's new Urban Forest Management Plan recommend trees be trimmed every 5- to 7-years. Certain trees may require special handling between cycles due to the species, age, or location.

City staff evaluates each tree on a case by case basis, and the trees are trimmed in a 4- to 5-year cycle.

2. Why is my tree not fully trimmed?

The City's contractor, West Coast Arborist, trims 98% of City trees. City staff manages the remaining portion.

City staff does not top or pollard trees. City trees are trimmed according to the International Society of Arboriculture standards.

3. What are some reasons not to trim or remove trees?

Trees are not trimmed or removed due to leaf, flower, seed drop, or for aesthetic purposes.

4. What are some reasons to remove trees?

Trees can be removed when they are diseased, dying, unstable, or when the tree roots are in the sewer lines.

5. Can I trim or remove a City tree?

Residents may not trim or remove a City tree without the City's authorization. City trees removed without City authorization are subject to fines.

A resident may have a City tree removed through the petition process and by paying a contractor fee per Municipal Code 11.32.060.

6. What should I do if City trees are near power lines?

Contact Southern California Edison at (800) 655-4555 or visit www.sce.com/safety/power-lines.

7. Does the City trim trees on private properties?

The City does not trim trees on private properties.

8. Can I plant my own tree in the parkway or easement?

Residents need to obtain approval from the City to plant a tree in the parkway or easement.

Please contact (714) 741-5375 for more information.

9. Can I place concrete in the parkway area?

It is prohibited to cover the parkway with concrete.

The parkway must be permeable to allow water and air to flow per Municipal Code 11.32.040.

10. How can I participate in the Adopt-a-Tree program?

Residents can beautify their neighborhoods and contribute to the community by adopting a parkway tree. Tree adoption cost is $75 which includes the planting of a City approved tree. For a list of City approved trees, visit Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute.

After the tree is planted, City staff will provide care instructions. Residents are responsible for watering the tree.

For more information, visit Adopt-a-Tree or contact (714) 741-5384.