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Shut-off Valves

Residents are reminded that City water shut-off valves are not to be operated by anyone besides City personnel, except in extreme emergency situations. If resident or plumber damages shut-off valve, responsible party is liable for repairs and/or replacement.

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According to the City Municipal Code, Section 14.20.050 “Shut-off Valves”, “All shut-off valves and service cocks are installed by the Public Works Department for the use of the City. Such shut-off valves shall not be operated by the customer, except in extreme emergency. If the shut-off valve is broken by a plumber or resident, the responsible party is liable for repairs and/or replacement. For ordinary usage, all customers shall provide their own valves and shut-off cocks between the water meter and the first outlet placed by the consumer. (Ordinance 2811 § 1, 2012; Ordinance 630 § 1 (part), 1963; Prior Code § 7354).”

If you need City personnel to operate the water shut-off valve during business hours, please contact the Water Services Division at (714) 741-5395. During after hours, please contact the Police Department at (714) 741-5704.

Below is a photo of a city shut-off valve found in the meter box.
Photo of a water shut off valve