Drought Tolerant Demonstration Gardens at City Regional Library and Municipal Service Center
As we face a devastating consecutive year drought and environmental court rulings impacting local water supply, the City’s Public Work’s Department is responding by creating a two demonstration gardens, located at the City Regional Library on 11200 Stanford Avenue and at the Municipal Service Center on 13802 Newhope Street and, to promote southwestern natives and California friendly plants. This garden is a unique educational resource that features an array of native and drought tolerant plants. There is a large water savings potential in landscaping, with more than half of residential water usage applied to outdoor landscape. By planting native and California friendly plants, you can save lots of water and maintain a beautiful, colorful garden! An additional benefit of having a California friendly garden includes the attraction of essential wildlife, such as beneficial insects, pollinators and native birds.  The City was awarded partial funding to complete the demonstration garden from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California through its Community Partnering Program.
Photo of the City Regional Library

The following plants are displayed at the City’s Regional Library.  For detailed information on each plant, click on the common name.

Sign    Botanical Name                   Common Name

1        Salvia greggii                      Autumn Sage
2        Arctostaphylos edmundsi      Carmel Sur
3        Arctostaphylos
          'Pacific Mist'                       Pacific Mist Manzanita
4         Aesculus californica             California Buckeye
5        Cercis canadensis                Eastern Redbud
6        Cornus florida                      Flowering Dogwood
7        Muhlenbergia rigens              Deer Grass
8        Festuca californica               California Fescue
9        Platanus racemosa               California Sycamore
10      Juncus patens                     California Gray Rush
11      Salvia apiana                       White Sage
12      Salix exigua                         Narrowleaf Willow
13      Salvia leucantha                   Mexican Bush Sage
14      Trichostema lanatum             Woolly Blue Curls
15      Penstemon palmeri                Beard Tongue
16      Juncus effusus pac.     
         'Quartz Creek'                      Quartz Creek Rush
17      Mahonia
         'Golden Abundance'               Mahonia
18      Ribes viburnifolium                 Evergreen Currant
19      Baccharis pilularis     
         'Pigeon Point'                        Coyote Bush
20      Fremontodendron     
         californicum                          Flannel Bush

Photo of the Municipal Service Center

The following plants are displayed at the Municipal Service Center.  For detailed information on each plant, click on the common name.

Sign    Botanical Name                    Common Name

1        Ceanothus 'Dark Star'            California Lilac
2        Arctostaphylos 'Sunset'          Sunset Manzanita
3        Salvia leucantha                   Mexican Bush Sage
4        Artemisia pycnocephala          Dwarf Coastal Strand
         'David's Choice'                     Wormwood/Sandhill Sage
5        Zauschneria californica          California Fuchsia
6        Eriogonum crocatum              Conejo Buckwheat
7        Cercis occidentails                Western Redbud
8        Hesperaloe parviflora             Red Yucca
9        Calliandra californica              Baja Fairy Duster
10       Salvia clevelandii                  Cleveland Sage
11       Artostaphylos
          refugioensis                         Refugio Manzanita
12       Rhamnus californica
          'Mound San Bruno'                Coffeeberry Selection
13       Echium fastuosum                 Pride of Madeira
14       Erigonum fasciculatum           California Buckwheat
15       Caesalpinia gilliessi                Yellow Bird Of Paradise Bush
16       Vitis californica                     California Grape
17       Mahonia aquifolium                Oregon Grape
18       Juncus patens                      California Gray Rush

19       Mimulus aurantiacus              Sticky Monkey Flower
20       Tecoma x                            Orange Jubilee

Search for all other native and California friendly plants by type and characteristics not listed above.

Disclaimer: Please be cautious when planting California friendly plants, as some may be toxic to dogs. Please read the list of California friendly plants toxic to dogs.