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Meeting and Banquet Facilities FAQ's

Where are the facilities located? How many guests will each facility hold?

The City of Garden Grove offers venues designed for celebration, and business events of all sizes. Seating capacities vary, and are outlined below:

Garden Grove Community Meeting Center
11300 Stanford Ave, Garden Grove CA 92840
Banquet – Seats up to 248 with dance floor; 352 without dance floor.
Theater – Seats up to 456 with mandatory center aisle.
Classroom – Seats up to 122 with two chairs at each 6’ table

For suggested diagrams, please click on the facility in the left column.

Courtyard Center
12732 Main Street, Garden Grove CA 92840
Banquet – Seats up to 100 with dance floor
Theater – Seats up to 150 with mandatory center aisle.
Classroom – Seats up to 30 with 6’ tables and two chairs each

Outdoor enclosed patio – Seats up to 75 for ceremony.
Courtyard may not be used for additional banquet guest seating.

I live in Garden Grove, do I get a special rental rate?

Yes! Garden Grove residents receive a reduced rental rate.
Proof of residency applies.

My niece is getting married. She does not live in Garden Grove, but I do. If I book the event, will the Garden Grove Resident Rate still apply?

Yes, it does apply as long as you provide valid identification and proof of residency (such as a recent utility bill). Both need to match. Moreover, the person getting the Garden Grove rate would be the responsible party, contract holder, and main contact.

Must I make an appointment to view rooms?

Yes. We are happy to provide guided tours of our venues, based on availability. Tours are typically scheduled during regular business hours and may be accommodated based on staff availability. Please contact us at 714/741-5262 to schedule your tour today.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Yes. Alcohol is permitted at our Banquet Facilities. Based on type of event and age of celebrant, restrictions may apply. Alcohol must be served from cups or cans; all glass bottles to remain at bar. Champagne pouring may be allowed at tables, but glass bottles are not allowed to sit on tables.

If alcohol is to be sold, or monetary donations are to be accepted in exchange for alcohol, client must obtain a license from the State Alcohol Beverage Control Department. Specifics are outlined under USE OF ALCOHOL in the Policy Packet.

How long can my event last? What time must the music and alcohol service stop?

Weekend events (Fri-Sun) may last a maximum of six (6) hours.
Weekday hour maximums vary based on availability.

Included in weekend facility rental package, are the following consecutive hours:

  • 90 minutes (1.5 hours) prior to the event for set-up and decorating
  • + 60 minutes (1 hour) following the event for clean-up.
  • Events must end at 11pm.
  • For the safety of your guests, alcohol service must end 60 minutes (1 hour) prior to the end of the event.
  • Guided by a noise ordinance, and to facilitate the exit of your guests in a timely manner, music must end 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.

Additional set-up hours may be purchased.
Additional event hours are not available.

Can we have a band/DJ?

Yes, you may have a band and/or DJ. Sometimes DJ and Band equipment and set-ups are extensive and may cause potential safety concerns for your guests, approval of anticipated equipment is required. Liability insurance may be required based on review of the proposed equipment set-up.

All equipment brought into our facilities must be in good working condition, and must have rubber tips covering any edges.

Do you have Audio Visual (AV) equipment?

We do have a variety of AV equipment to support your needs.

How clean does the facility need to be before we leave?

Clients are responsible to leave the facility in the same good condition that they found it. To make this task as easy as possible, staff will provide trash bags, brooms, cleaning supplies, mop, and gloves, as needed. Client does not need to stack chairs or move tables. The Policy Packet provides a full overview.

Do I need to have security? Can I provide my own security?

Security is required. The City's approved security company is Absolute International Security (A.I.S.). The number of security personnel required, and related cost, will be determined based on the finalized event diagram and overview of the event. Some determining factors include: the number of anticipated attendees; whether or not alcohol will be served; age of honoree as relates to; and consideration of potential issues related to décor, vendors, or entertainment.

Guards will be present 30 minutes before your event starts, and will be present until event clean-up has been completed and attendees and clients are safely out of the facility. The role of security personnel is to protect you and your guests, as well as City staff and property, against damage and illegal activities.

Security personnel will monitor the bartender to oversee the legal distribution of alcohol.

When do I have to pay the rental fees? Do I have to pay them all at once?
  • Events may be booked by paying the full deposit.
  • Room & Set Up Fees are due four (4) months prior on the 1st of the month to your scheduled event date.
  • Security fees are due one (1) month prior on the 1st of the month to your scheduled event date.
  • If your event is less than 4 months away, all related fees must be paid in full.
May I pay the fees with cash?

All fees must be paid via MasterCard, VISA, American Express, money order, or check. Personal checks are accepted if event is 5+ months away.

Rental includes 90 minutes (1.5 hour) before the event to set-up and decorate, but can we purchase more hours to set up if we need them?

Yes, you may purchase up to two (2) Extra Set-up Hours at $45 per hour.

Also, because we realize that some events require elaborate décor, we now are able to offer the purchase of two (2) Additional Extended Pre Event Set-up Hours (3rd and 4th hours) for $267 per hour.

However, Extra and Additional hours are available for set-up and decorating only. Additional event hours are not available. Also, only 60 minutes (1 hour) is allowed for clean-up following the event, so the more elaborate the décor, the more people you will need to have for your Clean-Up Crew.

Do you supply table linens and chair covers?

We do not supply table linens, nor chair covers. We are able to provide chair dimensions so that you can work with your vendor for chair covers, if desired.

Can we bring in our own tables and chairs?

Yes, you may bring in your own tables and chairs. Liability insurance would be required.

Can we cook at the facility, or bring in our own caterer?

You may bring in the caterer of your choice.

Each of our kitchens have stove tops, ovens, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and prep counters. You may choose to have the food prepared on-site; or warmed, plated, and stored in our kitchen. Regardless of who provides the food for your event, improper use of our kitchen equipment or sinks are the responsibility of the client.

Do you have an ice machine, or do we need to bring our own?

We do have an ice machine at each facility, however, we advise clients to bring in bags of ice to be sure to meet all needs throughout the event. You may take home the ice you purchase if not used.

We need to change dresses during the event. Do you have a place for my group to change during the event?

Each facility has a private room that may be utilized for this purpose. However, eating, relaxing, or congregating in these areas is prohibited.

Are we able to store items at the facility before, or after the event?

For liability reasons, items are not able to be stored at our facilities, except during rented event hours.

Can we bring in a Bounce House?

Bounce Houses are allowed only at the Courtyard Center, and require a permit. We have a list of acceptable Bounce House vendors available. Additional information is available in our Policy Packet.