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Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan

Building upon the momentum of Reimagine Garden Grove and other recent efforts, the Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan is a project that aims to create a safer, more connected, and more active downtown Garden Grove community. The City envisions downtown as a unique and inclusive place where Garden Grove's diverse residents and visitors can easily walk, bike, and use alternative modes of transportation. Contributing to a dynamic downtown environment and economy, the Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan will identify mobility strategies to increase both regional and local connectivity to the downtown core.

Project Goals and Objectives

Connectivity: Create better and improved connections to get to and from downtown Garden Grove
Accessibility: Help people get to the places they most want to in downtown by developing a supportive culture for walking, biking, and other emerging alternative modes of transportation
Arts & Downtown Culture: Create a more vibrant downtown that integrates public art and spaces through the context and cultures of Garden Grove's community
Community Health: Provide opportunities for the community to utilize downtown parks, off-street paths, routes, and public spaces through walking, biking, and other alternative modes of transportation
Safety: Improve the overall safety of people walking and biking to, from, and within downtown Garden Grove

Public Outreach

The Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan team hosted pop-up booths at several key events during the summer.

If you missed those events, you still have an opportunity to provide feedback. Visit HERE to learn more about potential concepts and proposed improvements for the downtown area.

Final Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan

Click HERE to view the Garden Grove Active Downtown Plan PowerPoint.

Active Downtown Plan

Appendix A - Concept Plans
Appendix B - Cost Estimates
Appendix C - Multimodal Traffic Analysis
Appendix D - Project Prioritization

April Kick-off meeting/project coordination X
May Strawberry Festival X X
June Community Based Action Plan X
July Multimodal Traffic Analysis X X
August Eastgate Park Concert X
August Main Street Concert X
August The Garden Amp Movie Night X
September Present to Downtown Commission X X
October Outreach Tool Media Cmapaign X X
November Evaluation of Concepts X
December Review Draft Plan X X
January Draft Plan Complete X X
February Final Plan to City Council X
February Final Plan to Planning Commission X