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Wild Animals

Garden Grove Animal Care Services has implemented a city-wide wild animal policy. The City will not respond to remove trapped wildlife. The trapping and relocation of wildlife without a permit, issued by the California Department of Fish and Game, could be considered a violation of law. In addition, trapped wildlife unnecessarily exposes everyone to potential disease and injuries from bites and scratches.

The City of Garden Grove recommends that residents take the following steps to discourage wildlife on their property:

  • Keep trash cans covered at all times
  • Remove fallen fruit from trees on the property
  • Remove pet food dishes after feeding
  • Keep yards free from excessive brush and overgrown vegetation
  • Don't attract wildlife by feeding them
  • Make changes to fencing to keep wildlife out
  • Consider animal repellant products

Effective immediately, if you have trapped a wild animal, you may release it or contact a state-licensed trapping or pest control service for assistance.

Garden Grove Animal Care Services will attempt to capture wild animals that are injured or pose a direct threat to public health and safety.