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Safety & Prevention Against Coyotes

The City and community of Garden Grove share the important responsibility of keeping our city safe from coyotes. All residents are urged to take needed precautions to dissuade the presence of coyotes to protect themselves, their pets, and their property against these wild animals.

To report coyote sightings or view a map of coyote encounters, visit the Coyote Cacher website at

Sightings can also be reported to the City's coyote hotline number at (714) 741-5286. Please indicate the date, time, and location of sightings.

If the coyote is acting aggressively, call Garden Grove Animal Care Services at (714) 741-5565.

To view the Coyote Management Plan, visit

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), during the warm summer months, particularly from March through August, coyotes are very active. They are raising their young and searching for food. The CDFW indicates that coyotes are highly adaptable and often live in close proximity to populated areas where food and water sources are abundant. They usually fear humans and avoid interactions, however, if they associate humans with food, they lose their natural fear and can become bold.

The CDFW recommends:

  • Keeping small pets inside, particularly at dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active.
  • Keeping pet food and water dishes inside.
  • Securing food and trash at all times and removing all sources of water.
  • Picking up fallen fruit and keeping compost piles tightly sealed.
  • Sweeping up fallen birdseed, which can attract mice and rats, a common food source for coyotes.
  • Removing brush, wood piles, and debris where coyotes can find cover and where rodents are abundant.
  • Installing motion-activated lighting or sprinklers.
  • If a coyote approaches or acts aggressively, throw rocks, make noise, look big, and pick up small children and pets. Do not turn your back to the animal.

Keep Me Wild Brochure

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