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Licensing and Registration

All dogs over four months of age, kept in Garden Grove, must be licensed and have a current rabies vaccination. All dogs are required to wear a license tag at all times, attached to a collar or harness. Dog licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Service dogs registered pursuant to California Food and Agriculture Code Sections 30850-30854, as well as retired and active military/police dogs, must conform with local rabies control and licensing laws.

Licenses are issued on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that rabies vaccines and dog licenses are kept current.

Health and Safety Code 121690 states in part that an exemption may be granted for the rabies vaccine on an annual basis if "a rabies vaccination would endanger the dog's life." The law also requires the condition warranting the exemption be verified and documented by a veterinarian.

To apply for a rabies vaccination exemption please complete the following legally required forms, accompanied by up to 5 pages of medical records that indicate a rabies vaccine would endanger the life of the dog and submit for review by mail or fax to Orange County Rabies Control Department (714) 259-1089. Please note there is a $65 annual non-refundable application fee - Make check payable to OC Animal Care. For additional information or clarification, please contact Orange County Rabies Control Department at (714) 796-6421 or visit for the application process.

Garden Grove Animal Care Services does not provide the exemption. All paper work must be turned into Orange County Animal Care.

Pet Licensing Fee Schedule




Altered Dog (Spayed/Neutered)



Puppy - 4 to 6 months of age



Altered Dog - Senior owner 65 years and up (Multiple
discounts allowed per household for altered dogs)



Unaltered Dog






Collections Fee (This fee is assessed when the account is past due and is assigned to collections)


Late fee - per license


Non-Compliance Fee (Assessed when an Animal Control Officer
cites a customer for non-compliance of licensing)


Replacement Tag


Transfer Fee


How to License Your Dog

Animal licensing is an important part of any animal care program. The issuance of the license shows that an animal has a current rabies vaccine and helps to reunite a lost animal with their owner.

You may license your pet online or by mail.

Please call (800) 510-7734 for more information.

License Online:
Visit and enter your zip code under "License Now" and follow the instructions. You can input your information and upload required documents and make a payment via a major credit card.

License by Mail:
Send your payment made to "City of Garden Grove" along with copies of all required paperwork to:

Garden Grove Animal Licensing
c/o PetData
P.O. Box 141929
Irving, TX 75014

Animal licenses are not processed or issued at City facilities. License tags will be mailed to you in approximately four weeks, once the proper paperwork and payment have been received. The tag you receive in the mail will be the permanent tag issued to your pet. The tags cannot be transferred from animal to animal. If a tag is lost or stolen, a replacement tag will be issued for a $3 fee.

If requesting a senior discount, proof of status and animal ownership will be needed at time of initial request only.

Please do not send original documents that need to be returned. Photocopies must be legible.