Garden Grove Animal Care Services in partnership with Stray Cat Alliance, has begun a Return to Field program to decrease the number of feral/community cats euthanized at the shelter. Under the new program, free roaming and feral cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated, given basic medical care then returned to their communities. If a cat has already been through a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program it will not be taken to the shelter unless it has a medical issue. If a cat is trapped with a medical issue, it will be transported to a veterinarian who will determine the best course of treatment. Animal Care Services Officers do not provide traps or capture feral cats.

In order to participate in the program, a Garden Grove resident will need to obtain a Cat Trap Permit by contacting our office at (714) 741-5565.

Cat Trapping Instructions:

  • Cat Trap pickups will occur Monday-Friday ONLY. No pickups will take place on the weekends or City holidays.
  • One trap/pickup will be allowed per property per weekday.
  • Traps are to be set at night and Garden Grove Animal Care Services must be contacted before 9 a.m. for same day pick-up.
  • Leave a detailed message with your address and location of where the cat trap is located.
  • Traps must be disarmed by 9 a.m. if there are no cats trapped overnight.
  • If any healthy wildlife is trapped, it will not be picked up and it must be released immediately.

TNR programs have been shown to help manage feral cat populations better than trapping alone. By obtaining the free permit, it allows the City and Stray Cat Alliance to better monitor the statistics of where the cats are coming from.