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Volunteer in Code Enforcement

Keep our neighborhoods beautiful by serving as a volunteer.

The City of Garden Grove is proud to announce the adoption of a Volunteers in Code Enforcement Program. Through this program, residents work together with the City to preserve and improve residential neighborhoods and make Garden Grove a better place to live and work.

Since volunteers are the foundation of this program, concerned citizens will help protect the quality of life in Garden Grove by assisting our code enforcement efforts. In this way we can better address the needs of all residents.

Please help us keep our community beautiful by serving as a volunteer.

Thank you for your help.

Scott Stiles
City Manager
City of Garden Grove

Program Description

Code Enforcement volunteers support the Code Enforcement Officers by providing in field observation and documentation. As a volunteer, you will help us protect propertry values and quality of life in our City. Volunteers will work primarily on the weekends. You will not be asked to inspect your own neighborhood, and no interior inspections or public contact will be required. You will help us uphold community standards in the following areas:

  • excessive garage sales
  • vehicles parked on unpaved areas
  • commercial and oversize vehicles that are parked in residential neighborhoods
  • auto repair and unpermitted business activities in neighborhoods
  • improperly stored trash cans
  • removal of illegal signs as directed
  • special projects, as assigned

Program Benefits

As a Code Enforcement volunteer you will benefit from a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from participating in a program that keeps Garden Grove beautiful!

Most importantly, our community will benefit from your efforts. Neighborhood preservation is a key factor in protecting home values and enhancing the quality of life in Garden Grove.

Volunteer Qualifications and Job Requirements

Volunteers donate four to eight hours per month, primarily on Saturday or Sunday. Work schedules are flexible and based upon your availability. Volunteers must possess the following:

  • High school diploma or equivalency
  • A California driver's license

No specific job experience is required, since you will be thoroughly trained prior to assuming duties. Generally, you will be assigned field work with a partner.

Applicants will undergo a reference check and screening through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There is no financial expense on your part. A marked City vehicle and necessary supplies will be provided by the Ci

How to Become A Volunteer

  • Apply to become a volunteer
  • Applicants whose interests match needed skills and who qualify through the records check will be invited to a personal interview. This allows both the Division and the applicant an opportunity to become better acquainted and match needs, skills, and job requirements.
  • Selected applicants will be asked to take a medical evaluation at City expense.
  • All volunteers will undergo a comprehensive training program. Once this is completed you will then play an important role in keeping Garden Grove beautiful!

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a Code Enforcement volunteer for the City of Garden Grove. We need your assistance, and know that you will find your service to the community both interesting and rewarding. Both you and the community will benefit from your services as a volunteer.

For more information, contact us at:

Garden Grove Code Enforcement
(714) 741-5358