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Enforcement Methods

In most cases, the person responsible for a code violation is given an opportunity to voluntarily comply with Garden Grove municipal code and correct the situation. Once the deadline in the Compliance Order has passed, the responsible party is subject to one or more legal remedies through the enforcement process listed below. In addition to any fines that result from a remedy, fees may be charged after the second re-inspection confirms non-compliance.

1. Notices

When a code violation has either been observed or reported on a commercial or residential property, a formal notice will be sent to the responsible party requesting an immediate resolution within the provided time frame. A possible second notice may be sent as a follow up if there is no compliance.

2. Invoice

When a code violation remains non-compliant pass the deadline for resolution, the responsible parties may receive a re-inspection invoice at $70 for first inspection and $100 for all subsequent inspections.

3. Administrative Citation

For major violations and or situations when a violation continues to be in noncompliance, the City may issue an administration fine of $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and $500 for the third offense.

4. Judicial Remedies

Judicial remedies are used when other remedies have not be successful in resolving the violation. The two options are criminal prosecution or civil injunction.

Mediation is also available through the County of Orange

5. Abatement

In the event the City needs to take action to abate a violation, a private contractor may be hired to either demolish, board or secure a structure, or to clean a property of trash and debris.

6. Citations

At any given time, a citation can be issued for minor violations. A warning citation may or may not be issued before fines are implemented. The most typical citations are listed below:

  • Lawn parking - $39.00
  • Non-permitted Auto Repair - $150.00
  • Inoperable vehicle - $150.00
  • Non-permitted Occupancy of a Trailer or Vehicle - $150.00
  • Illegal Sign - $125.00
  • Storage of commercial vehicles - $108, $208 (second citation), $508 (all subsequent citation)