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Permit for Banners

Permit fees per calendar year: Special Event Sales/Grand Openings $35.00, Non-profit Organizations $10.00, Center wide Sales $60.00

The outside display of banners, balloons or the outside display of merchandise is permitted in the City subject to the following conditions:

  1. The use of temporary advertising devices such as banners, flags, pennants, valances, and balloons or the display of merchandise outside may be exhibited after obtaining a special event or grand opening permit.
  2. Grand opening sales for new businesses are permitted for thirty (30) days, taken consecutively, within the first year of business. New ownership or management change does not constitute a new business for the purpose of obtaining a grand opening permit.
  3. Existing businesses are permitted to have a special event permit which is good for a maximum of sixty (60) days per calendar year for the use of temporary advertising devices, and eight (8) days per calendar year for sidewalk sales and other outdoor events.
  4. Banner and/or sidewalk sales do not have to be displayed consecutively. The permit will reflect the number of consecutively. The permit will reflect the number of consecutive days. Businesses must contact Code Enforcement (714) 741-5358 to report the remaining days.
  5. Grand opening and/or special event sales shall only be permitted as an extension of an established business and shall be conducted on the site on which such business is located.
  6. The sales area shall be designed so as not to obstruct the orderly flow of pedestrian traffic in or about existing store areas, or obstruct or hinder the orderly movement of vehicle traffic or emergency vehicles.
  7. No off-site signs are permitted. A-frame or portable signs are not allowed.
  8. The sales area shall be cleared of all banners, balloons, merchandise, equipment and trash by 10:00 AM, on the day immediately following termination of said sale.

To obtain an application for banner permits, please visit the permit counter at Garden Grove City Hall located at the address below.

11222 Acacia Parkway
Garden Grove, CA 92840