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Closed 1572 January 28

10692 Kern Ave Garden Grove CA 92843
1/ Permit #076968A (1979): Dwelling Addition & Alterations.
2/ Permit #10-0182 (2010): Demo Swimming Pool.
3/ Permit #077016A (1979): Electric.
4/ Permit #077017A (1979): Plumbing.

Closed 1570 January 27

Copy of the Settlement Agreement regarding District Elections.

Closed 1569 January 27

Greetings, City Clerk:

Under the Public Records Act (California Gov. Code ยง6250 et seq.), I hereby request a copy of the current Athletic Field/Facility Use and Allocation Policy.

Please provide records by email within 10 calendar days.

Closed 1568 January 27

Any reports by Horwath HTL for the period between Jan. 1, 2008 and Dec 31, 2015.

Closed 1567 January 26

Copy of the run reports/sheet and Incident Report (G1513835) pertaining to a vehicle accident that occurred on December 6, 2015, near the location of Chapman Avenue east of Ninth Street.

Also, please provide the employee numbers for the following:
Captains: J. Wilkens, D. Ednoff, P. Collin...

Closed 1566 January 26

Copies of building records and building code violations pertaining to the property located at 10321 Ballard Drive, Garden Grove, 92840.

Closed 1564 January 25

Onward Engineering would like to request a copy of the winning proposal for the RFP for On-Call Civil Engineering Plan Checking & On-Call Construction Inspection Services. Thank You

Closed 1563 January 25

Requesting copies of emails and other communications sent by Garden Grove resident Tony Flores to the City of Garden Grove within regards to city matters and issues related thereto that he has raised. Recently in a public forum he indicated he had emailed City Manager Scott Stiles.

Thank you.

Closed 1562 January 25

the gem peddler ilaglly caused things to my kids and house whhe I ran out ofthere -these people w3ho did not live in my house are tryignto cause this man calling himself steven gilbert( it chavis and associates-I had a baby onoy and a full tiem job at target ask Karin osbarn in 1985-harbor blvd-...

Closed 1561 January 25

Hello, Can we have a copy of the release to issue the supplement, and the original at closing to record.


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