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Assigned, pending 4831 July 16

Garden Grove Fire Department Incident # G1907886.

I would like to obtain a copy of the report. Thank you

Assigned, pending 4829 July 15

I would like to request a list of the city's uncashed checks that are over 180 days with a dollar value of $500 and above. Please include the following information: original payee name, original check amount, original check number and date of the original check.

Please forward the list to my a...

Assigned, pending 4828 July 15

Hello there!
I am completing a Phase I Environmental investigation for the address:
14272 Commerce Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92843.
I would like copies of any historic building permit applications, and hazardous materials records/investigations, please.

Closed 4827 July 12

From: "Ed Jewett"
To: "Public Records Request" <>
Sent: Friday, July 12, 2019 12:21:41 PM
Subject: Business List For Garden Grove

Good afternoon,
I called in and requested information on how to obtain a current list of businesses in the City of Garden Grove. I was info...

Assigned, pending 4826 July 12

Was my building built to earthquake code or does it need to be retrofitted.

Assigned, pending 4825 July 12

Orange County Humane Society. Dog, Dexter ID#A41544128 I would like current status, all available information including notes, medical, outcome information, or current location being held.

Assigned, pending 4824 July 12

From: "Billy Graham"
To: "info" <>, "Lisa Kim" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 6:14:44 PM
Subject: LISA KIM, Dir. Comm. and Econ. Devel. City of GG, about the Willowick Golf Course, that's protected land....

RE: Unlawful intent to convert the Willowick Golf ...

Assigned, pending 4823 July 12

Good Morning my name is Miranda and I'm contacting you on behalf of AT&T. I'm looking to see if you can search by date and location for a fire incident report involving a utility pole. Below is the only information that was given to me...Thanks!!

The Claims Center, LLC is the third party clai...

Assigned, pending 4822 July 12

I would like to request copies of any and all fire records on file (earliest to most recent) for 10871 Forbes Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843 in regard to:
• Current or historical use of underground/aboveground storage tanks
• Current or historical hazardous materials/ waste records
• Current o...

Closed 4821 July 12

I would like to request copies of any and all building permits on file (earliest to most recent) for the following address:

10871 Forbes Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92843


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