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Assigned, pending 5899 July 02

Requesting Paving Company information that completed work on Acacia Ave, Garden Grove, CA, 92845 between 05/20/2020 and 06/03/2020
Note: New Request copied from #5852 due to being closed from unresponsiveness.

Received, unassigned 5898 July 02

name list and info of how many employer, beds in all the nursing, assist living and senior home to receive the donated medical masks.

since covid19 s getting worse, we hope to distribute asap

Closed 5897 July 02

Requesting a copy regarding ID theft that was filed sometime in June or July of 2019.

Assigned, pending 5896 July 02

Records of code case numbers 183102 and 182060. The information contained in the records related to open code enforcement cases for units being rented out as short term rentals.

Assigned, pending 5895 July 02

Can I please get the following for the intersection of Harbor Blvd and Trask Avenue, GArden Grove, CA

Signal Plan/As Builts - Reflecting the day of 12/27/2019
Signal Timing Chart/Signal Phase Plan - Reflecting the day 12/27/2019
Maintenance Records - One year prior to and including 12/27/201...

Assigned, pending 5894 July 02

Requesting all applicable building permits, enforcement orders, permits for haz. waste/materials, inspections, or correspondence at the subject Site.

Site address is 7311 and 7341 Anaconda Avenue, Garden Grove. APN: 131-661-27

Closed 5892 July 02

Please send me the record of permits for below address. Thank you!

13282 La Vaughn Dr, Garden Grove.

Assigned, pending 5891 July 01

Please see attached document titles "PRA_Garden Grove_7.1.2020." Thank you.

Assigned, pending 5890 July 01

New Business List with Contact info and phone numbers. All new accounts for April, May, and June if possible. Thanks!

Assigned, pending 5889 July 01

Public records request for new business listings in Excel format to be emailed to:


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