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Closed 5438 February 04

A quarterly breakout of TOT revenue received by the City over the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.

Closed 5435 February 03

Can you please provide any and all records, documents, contracts, amended contracts, letters, correspondence, texts messages and emails between and regarding the City of Garden Grove and Care Ambulance Service, Inc. (CAS) including but not limited to staffing levels for the City of Garden Grove, ...

Assigned, pending 5433 January 30

I would like to view copies all submissions to the RFP on LED conversion of City-owned lights and safety lights. Including both the written proposal and any pricing proposals that were provided as part of the RFP.

Closed 5432 January 30

Closed massage establishments within 2 years with physical address.
From: "Kim"
To: "Public Records Request" <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 6:42:33 PM
Subject: RE: Request #5432: Message from MARITZA PIZARRO

Thank your for clearing that out. Massage e...

Closed 5431 January 30

Project: Cannery Imperial Storm Drain Improvements
A) Contract number and date of award; B) Bid advertising date; C) Bid opening date;
D) Location of project; E) Project start date; F) Project completion date;
G) Names and addresses of each general contractor, and subcontractor and nature of ...

Closed 5430 January 30

I like to request a copy of my solar panel plans and drawing on my property at 13542 Purdy St, Garden Grove, CA 92844

Closed 5429 January 29

Please email, in excel if possible, new business licenses list for date range January 1, 2020 - January 31, 2020. Please include business name, address, contact name, phone number, and date of application.
Thank you,
Katie Ward
Level 2 Security and Automation
(800) 968-2858


Closed 5427 January 28

Center for Contract Compliance

January 28, 2020 **Please reference ID number 19-809309**


Closed 5426 January 28

Center for Contract Compliance

January 28, 2020 **Please reference ID number 19-807048**


Closed 5424 January 28

Please provide,

Section 3 - Designation of Subcontractors/References (page 17) of the Contractor's Proposal received from CHI Construction for Project 7840.

The project bid date was January 23, 2020.


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