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Closed 4891 August 07

LexisNexis - 802881131
Fire Building, DOI 07/07/19, 14208 Brookhurst Street

Closed 4890 August 07

LexisNexis - 798451611
G1907886, Fire Building, DOI 07/07/19, 14152 Brookhurst Street

Closed 4889 August 07

From: "Eduardo Jansen" <>
To: "Public Records Request" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 12:40:07 PM
Subject: 13650 Harbor Blvd - Project - Subsidies

Hello Teresa – I am contacting you concerning the hotel development at 13650 Harbor Blvd. Did the project...

Closed 4888 August 07

I am requesting all incomes and outcomes of animals from OC Humane Society for the period of 7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019. This would include all July intakes (strays, owner surrenders, returns, transfers in) and all July adoptions, redeemed, transfers out, euthanized regardless of what month the animals...

Received, unassigned 4887 August 07

12921 Brookhurst Way, Garden Grove Ca

Assigned, pending 4885 August 06

Please reference #18-581417
We are requesting certified payroll records and fringe benefit statement for Crosstown Electrical & Data Inc., on the Traffic Signal & Pedestrian Countdown Signal-Modification #123429 project from the beginning through present. If you have any questions, please call C...

Assigned, pending 4884 August 06

Please provide a list of active businesses in Garden Grove in an Excel format.

Closed 4883 August 06

Can I please get the listing for new businesses for month of july, thank you.

Closed 4880 August 05

Looking for all historical building permits for the property located at 10645 Stanford Avenue< garden Grove, CA for a Phase I ESA. I don't need plumbing/electrical/sewer permits.

Closed 4879 August 05

Chris Davis is requesting the 'new business list' for July
in EXCEL format


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