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Assigned, pending 4596 April 18

I am performing a Real Estate Due Diligence Property Condition Assessment (PCA) at 13892 Enterprise Drive in the City of Garden Grove. I am requesting the following information:

1) What is the frequency of Fire Department inspections at the subject address?

2) What is the date of the last F...

Assigned, pending 4595 April 18

Fire incident and Investigation reports for fire incident:
Location: 9561 Bolsa Ave., Garden Grove
Date: 3-30-2019
Time: 2:30 p.m.

Assigned, pending 4594 April 18

13892 Enterprise Drive, Garden Grove, CA 92843

1. A copy or record of any available Certificate of Occupancy relating to the above property. If no copies are readily available, would this be a compliance issue?
2. Any open or outstanding fire code violations on this property?

Assigned, pending 4593 April 16

Any and all records pertaining to:
• Current or historical use of hazardous materials and/or hazardous waste
• Current or historical underground/aboveground storage tanks
• Current or historical clarifiers
• Violations or Notices to Comply
• Investigative or remedial subsurface reports ...

Closed 4592 April 16

Requesting public works response to accident of:

Location: 12001 Haga St.
Garden Grove, CA, 92841

Date: 12.4.18 Time: 1227

Traffic Collision Report: 18070335
Reporting Agency: Garden Grove PD.

Assigned, pending 4591 April 16

Can you give me status of an injured female cat that animal control had picked up from my house about 12:30 am April 16,2019.
It was picked up at 13356 Jackson St Garden Grove. It is a neighborhood cat and I am just concerned. I believe the person with animal control was taking it to an emergenc...

Closed 4590 April 16

Regarding: 12262 Orangewood Ave, Anaheim CA 92802

I need the following records ASAP
1. Permits on record.
2. Any code Enforcements records.

Closed 4587 April 15

CPRA Demand:
Provide copies of all vendor invoices for the past two (2) years that include offer of trade terms discounting on the face of the invoice.
You will provide copies of all pages both front and back of said invoices.
If Garden Grove City elects to charge for document production I w...

Closed 4586 April 15

CPRA Demand:
1) Provide full statutory language regarding requirements in City of Garden Grove for full and expansive Requests for Proposal (RFP) for a mulit-million-dollar City contract.
2) Provide full statutory language and Garden Grove City Policy and procedures for open, transparent and fa...

Closed 4584 April 16


I write to request building permits issued by the city of Garden Grove as
far back as electronically available. I am particularly interested in
the Address, Permit Type (and subtype if applicable) and any
information indicating whether the construction being done is building


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