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Closed 4209 December 13

How and/or where do I go to request blueprints/plans for a home built in Garden Grove in 1955? Thank you.

Closed 4208 December 13

Claims filed with the City related to incidents involving Bird (, Lime (http.s://, and other motorized scooters between 6/1/18 and the present.

Closed 4207 December 13

All new business licenses filed in November of 2018

Closed 4206 December 12

I'd like to request a Report # 1814401 occurred on December 9, 2018 at 13781 Newhope St, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Closed 4205 December 12

I'd like to request a Report # G1814197 about an intense tar odor in the area that occurred on December 4, 2018 around 5am at the 13781 Newhope St, Garden Grove, CA 92843

Closed 4204 December 12

I'd like to request a Report# 1714214, the incident with a heavy tar odor at 13902 Hala Way, Garden Grove, CA

Closed 4203 December 12

I need the Fire department Incident report related to the Emergency response service provided to me on July 30th 2018 during transportation by ambulance from Kaiser Permanente urgent care in Garden Grove to UC Irvine Hospital around 10 am. The Reference Ticket number for billing from the City of ...

Closed 4202 December 11

LexisNexis Tran: 755209831

Location: 6731 Acacia Ave, Garden Grove
Type of report: Fire building
Date of occurrence: 12/2/18

Received and pending 4201 December 11

Can we get some feedback on the grading criteria and where we ranked in the overall evaluation of firms for the ADA Evaluation and Transition Plan S-1237

Received and pending 4200 December 11

**Please reference ID number 18-720399**

Project: Landscape Maintenance Services (IQC) (RE-BID)
GARDEN GROVE CA 92840 Contract #: S1238A

Dear Sir / Madam:
The Center for Contract Compliance is a nonprofit Labor-Manag...


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