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Closed 6657 February 23

Any and all records as to any ordinances which:
1. Prohibit or regulate signs on vehicles. Whether the vehicles are parked or moving. Motorized or not.

2. Prohibit or regulate the parking of ‘trailers”. Whether CVC395, CVC 530 or CVC 630 or defined as any type of trailer in your ordinance.

Assigned, pending 6656 February 23

Please find attached herein email our request for public records for document concerning AdminSure, Inc. Please let me know if any further information is needed. Thank you.

Closed 6655 February 23

Can I get the new business listing for the month of January please, thanks.

Assigned, pending 6654 February 23

Dear City of Garden Grove
Record 1: most recent INVOICE including cost between your Information Technology Dept. and service for tape vaulting and storing of LTO Tapes and cost from IRON MOUNTAIN) made in the last three years. Depending on city regulations, this may also be a purchase order or ...

Assigned, pending 6653 February 23

I am requesting to review any current and/or archived records on file including; building permits, building inspection records, certificates of occupancy, fire inspection records, planning restrictions/activity use limitations, and hazardous material records for the following addresses.

11801 ...

Closed 6652 February 22

Existing residential building records and any permits on file

Closed 6651 February 22

RE parcel 098-371-42
We need a copy of the "placement of house" documents in relation to the property lines,
This is for a probable ADU placement.

Closed 6650 February 22

11202 Wakefield
Garden Grove 92840
Can you please provide permit records and a plat map for this address.
Thank you

Closed 6648 February 22

Can u please provide me a list of all vaccant properties in the city thNk you

Assigned, pending 6647 February 19

Hello, I would like to request a list of all residential properties with an active/unresolved nuisance abatement or administrative citation code enforcement case. Thank you for your assistance in the matter.


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