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Closed 5020 September 12

As the beneficiary to my parents home. I would like to know if an original permit was pulled sometime in the 80s. Because I am now trying to help them with repairing the roof that leaks we would like to know if permits were pulled on the original patio enclosure.
Thank you!
Andres Ocampo

Closed 5019 September 12

Certificate of Occupancy for 11542 Safford West, GG, 92840 after adding an ADU

Received, unassigned 5018 September 12

Case record for 174563, 175849, 179524 and 180465 all records available

Closed 5017 September 12

All new business licenses filed in August of 2019

Assigned, pending 5016 September 12

SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the City of Garden Grove for any and all purchasing records from 2019-06-10 (yyyy-mm-dd) to current. The request is limited to readily available records without physically copying, scanning or printing paper documents. Any editable electronic...

Assigned, pending 5015 September 12

11772 Rexford Rd., Garden Grove, CA 92840
I'm looking for code enforcement report. Officer Rita.

Assigned, pending 5012 September 12

As-Builts records for 13791 Harper Street in Santa Ana.

Assigned, pending 5011 September 12

I am looking for any information on two businesses at 12682 Chapman Ave.
Certified copies of building records.
1. 1970-1976 Empress wigs. I know the put up a business sign in 1970
2. 1976-1978 Buy Rite Auto Parts. They put up a business sign in 1976 and sold in 1978.
Certified copies of thi...

Closed 5010 September 12

Someone has accused me of reporting abandoned furniture in the front yard of 11462 Marin Way. This is a lie. I did not do this. I would appreciate it if the City of Garden Grove would research this and provide written verification that I did not do this. I do not care who DID report this, I j...

Assigned, pending 5009 September 11

Fire Department, Department of Health and Human Services and Public works records regarding hazardous waste and materials, underground storage tanks , above ground storage tanks, ect. for the property: 13071 Century Blvd, Garden Grove CA 92843.


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