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Received and pending 4485 March 21

Please see attachment.
re: All Records that refer or relate to the City’s ownership of the Willowick Golf Course, located at 3017 West 5th Street, Santa Ana, California 92703-1898, from January 1, 1980, to the present.

Received and pending 4484 March 21

I would like to request a list of the city's uncashed checks that are over 180 days with a dollar value of $500 and above. Please include the following information: original payee name, original check amount, original check number and date of the original check.

Please forward the list to my a...

Received and pending 4483 March 21


This is urgent as we are assisting a potential buyer for this property. Please email or call us at the contact provided below for this request as soon as is possible. We'd like to know how big the living space and how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage is permitted for the address bel...

Received and pending 4482 March 21

seeking any open code violations associated with 9222 Trask Avenue apn number 09809066

Received and pending 4481 March 21

This firm is performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the property located at the following addresses:

13921-13941 (odd) Seaboard Circle, Garden Grove, CA 92843 (APN: 100-130-62)

We are requesting any information from your departments pertaining to any reports of the storage, ...

Received and pending 4480 March 21

We request access and copies of unclaimed or outstanding checks, for the past five years, including the dates, names, last addresses, and amounts due the payees. (Generally these are accounts payable checks which haven't been cashed within six months.) (A list, instead of actual copies, is accept...

Received and pending 4479 March 21

What is the code for how an existing two car garage may be used in R1 housing from the 50's?

Received and pending 4478 March 21

We would like any building permits and certificates of occupancy for the property located at:
9511, 9513, 9515 & 9517 Bolsa Ave
Garden Grove, California 92683

Received and pending 4477 March 21

We are doing an environmental site assessment on the property and would like to know if there are any records in regards to underground/aboveground storage tanks, hazardous materials, hazardous waste and/or any clarifiers on the property located at:
9511, 9513, 9515 & 9517 Bolsa Ave

Received and pending 4476 March 19

Seeking copies of any open fire code violations associated with the property located at 9222 Trask Avenue, Or information regarding NO Open fire Code violations


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