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Closed 4282 January 17

All new business licenses filed in December of 2018.

Received and pending 4281 January 17

I would like to request list of all new businesses (if possible) that the City of Garden Grove supply water to (from January 1, 2018 - present)

Thank you!

Received and pending 4280 January 17

I request a copy of whom the city has contracted with for FFL "destruction". I make a specific request for the last 10 years & in particular 3/08-1/18 including current responsible party.

1/17/19 Per Requestor: FFL (Federal firearms license, holders name& contact)

Received and pending 4279 January 17

Fire department inspections related to HAZARDOUS MATERIALS USE at 7550-7850 (even only) Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92841. I am interested in any files related to chemical use, storage tanks, and contamination. I have also submitted a request to the OCHCA. This is in association with a Phase...

Received and pending 4278 January 17

I would like to request any records that exist on Garden Grove Blvd between Palm St and Sungrove St. The types of records I would like are any underground utilities ( such as water, sewer, storm drain), any tract/ parcel maps, and any city improvement plans

Received and pending 4277 January 16

All cell tower leases and amendments on public school grounds

Received and pending 4276 January 16

9825 Garden Grove Boulevard, Garden Grove, CA 92844

Any records regarding Underground Storage Tanks and Hazardous Materials

Closed 4274 January 16

CASE # 18011144
CASE # 18062141
CASE # 18071978

I would like a copy of each time I was arrested, unless someone can select the one out of my three cases I had from the time I was arrested by Officer Cox during 2018 at 12:10am. That one is the one I really need. If not I would like to request...

Received and pending 4273 January 16

I am the new/current owner of residence 12771 Lemonwood Lane, Garden Grove 92840. I would like to request any and all permits given to this address for any work done please.

Received and pending 4272 January 15

Business License information, please see letter attached.


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