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Received, unassigned 6863 May 13

I was wondering how I could obtain a report for incident # 2021050837 because the Garden Grove City Hall only gave me a Property Release Advisory Notice report, so they directed me to contact you in order to get a more detailed report. I have sent numerous of emails trying to get the incident rep...

Received, unassigned 6862 May 12

All new businesses filed in April of 2021

Closed 6861 May 12

Property lines

Closed 6860 May 12

Please email all final permits for 12581 Buaro Street.

Assigned, pending 6859 May 12

Most recent City Manager Employment Agreement

Closed 6858 May 12

The property had an addition done back in the 90's. Could you please find out which year it was? Or provide the permit that was pulled for the addition. Thank you very much!

Assigned, pending 6857 May 12

I am looking for the owner and architect contact information for the following projects in plan check in order to see about bidding on their projects:
PC2021-239 - 12141 Valley View St
PC2021-337 - 9898 Trask ave

Thanks for your help!

Closed 6855 May 11

Requesting electronic copies of all past permits for the address below,

11112 Magnolia St
APN: 132-061-02

Closed 6854 May 10

I am completing an appraisal on the property located at 11662 Fredrick Drive, Garden Grove, CA. Can you please provide a copy of the original building permit and permits for any additions to the living area. If all the permits for the property are combined into one PDF file, I would appreciate it...

Closed 6853 May 10

All existing building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits for property address: 15672 Starboard St. APN:108-504-05


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