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Received, unassigned 6426 December 03

I am requesting all incomes and outcomes of animals from OC Humane Society for the period of 11/1/2020 - 11/30/2020. This would include all November intakes (strays, owner surrenders, returns, transfers in) and all November adoptions, redeemed, transfers out, euthanized regardless of what month t...

Received, unassigned 6425 December 03

Request for Proposals (RFP) for the following (4) projects:
Project No. 176-01 Bicycle and Ped Trail Land & Irrigation Project
Project No. 2413 20/21 Concrete Rehab Phase I 20/21
Project No. 7150 Install a New Traffic Signal at Trask Ave and Roxy Dr
Project No. 7212, 7215, 7292 Various Arter...

Received, unassigned 6424 December 03

Can I please get the listing for new businesses for the last month of November thankyou

Closed 6423 December 03

13461 Hope StGarden Grove, CA 92843

Assigned, pending 6421 December 02

Bid results to IFB No. S-1271

Assigned, pending 6420 December 02

Score sheets of all bids received for Graffiti Removal Services

Received, unassigned 6417 December 01

Requesting a copy of the current Franchise Agreement with Republic services and The City of Garden Grove for solid waste and recycling services for residential and commercial properties.

Assigned, pending 6416 December 01

Please provide copies of any currently open code compliance, building, nuisance, or property maintenance code violations, any open or expired building permits or any unpaid fines/fees/invoices resulting from violations or permits for the following property. Records should be checked no further ba...

Closed 6415 December 01

I request building permit records for subject property 12262 Lampson Ave, Garden Grove CA 92840 for the past two years per planning department request.

Closed 6414 December 01

I'm requesting for property information to a single family house at 8712 Joyzelle Avenue to start a ADU project. Property line dimensions and any existing permits and/or drawings would be helpful. Thank you.


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