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Closed 5450 February 07

Chris Davis is requesting the JAN 'new business list' in Excel format to be
emailed to

Closed 5449 February 07

Please provide copies of all building permits for 12145 Brookhurst. I am requesting a complete permit history for the property. Any drawings associated with the permits would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Closed 5448 February 07

dog bite report #20003749

Closed 5447 February 06

Hello, ENCON is presently conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, and we would like to review case files, permits or any records for the following addresses:

12055-12151 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840 (odd addresses only)

We would appreciate it if you can contact us bac...

Closed 5446 February 07

Please provide the following information as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than as required by law.
1. Number of homeless individuals transported by your city (including its contractors including but not limited to City Net) to the Armory located in Santa Ana (officially known as the ...

Closed 5445 February 06

We would appreciate if you could please provide us with the bid item comparison tabulation results for the project that bid 01-23-2020 named Sewer System Rehabilitation Phase 1 .

Thank you,

Closed 5444 February 05

Vehicle Burglary

Closed 5443 February 05

This request is in regards to an Environmental Assessment that we are conducting for 14441-14461 Brookhurst Street (odds only) and 9941 Hazard Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92844. Please check your Fire Department's records to see if there are Files regarding hazardous chemical inventory, Hazardous M...

Closed 5442 February 04

From: "Teresa Gordon"
To: "info" <>
Cc: "Dylan Grimes"
Sent: Friday, January 31, 2020 2:10:46 PM
Subject: Building Department Inquiry

Can you please tell me whether DR Horton or any other contractor has opened building permits (or currently undergoing plan review) for Chap...

Closed 5439 February 04

During the City Council meeting of 28JAN2020, the City's Director of Finance revealed that the City was losing money on each permit it issued to the sale of "safe" fireworks. Based on this revelation I would like the following information:
1. What was the last year that the fee charged by the ...


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