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Closed 1582 February 03

Any and all open code violations from January 2015 to the present for the property located at 12231 Movius Drive, Garden Grove, 92840.

Closed 1581 February 02

I am interested in getting Fire Department records related to the following under/aboveground storage tanks, leaking underground storage tanks, site investigation / cleanup, hazardous materials disclosure / incidents, environmental complaints, hazardous materials responses, and other records of a...

Closed 1580 February 02

Copy of the incident report for a building fire that occurred at 11401 Baggett Street in Garden Grove on January 10, 2016.

Closed 1579 February 02

Denise Kehn, Records Specialist:

In the past you've sent us your list of unclaimed checks. Would you please send us your latest list? Also, would you have any unclaimed bonds? Thanks.

Under the Public Records Act we request access and copies of the following:

1. Unclaimed or outstandin...

Closed 1578 February 02

Fulcrum Resources Environmental is conducting a Phase I Environmental Assessment for 1361 Seaboard Circle, Garden Grove. As part of a property assessment, we wish to determine whether government agencies possess records on the subject property that may include potential environmental concerns. Th...

Closed 1577 February 01

January 2016 issued building permit records.

Closed 1576 February 01


Please provide a new business list from January 1-31, 2016. Please include: Business Name, Address, Phone # and Owner name.

Thank you

Closed 1575 February 01

Jan 'new business list' in EXCEL format

Closed 1574 February 01

Please find attached a request for a certified copy of the business license or tax certificate in effect on 5/22/14 for Be Be Spa, 10515 McFadden Ave, Suite 102.

Closed 1573 January 28

I am looking to get any kind of public records on a company called TARO Racing. Per their phone number, they are located in Garden Grove, CA. Is this something that your department can help me with?


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