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Closed 1010 April 28

Copy of the incident report for a car accident that occurred on April 3, 2015, at 12:30 p.m. at the intersection of Orangewood Avenue and Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove.

Closed 1009 April 28

Good afternoon,

I am trying to track down the affidavit of publication and the adopted resolution for item 9b from the 4/14 City Council meeting. It is regarding the TEFRA hearing for Garden Grove Housing Partners. If you could send me both that would be great.

Closed 1008 April 27

Under the Public Records Act., we request access and copies of unclaimed or outstanding checks, for the past five years, including the dates, names, last addresses, and amounts due the payees. (Generally these are accounts payable checks which haven't been cashed within six months.) (A list of ...

Closed 1007 April 24

Public Records Request

I would like the Monthly Permit Report for Applied For and/or Issued Permits.
The details I would like on the report are the following:

Residential Projects over $100,000

I would like to receive the report by email.
I can send a new request for each month.
Also ...

Closed 1006 April 23

Requesting copies of hazardous materials disclosures, permits, and environmental records for the property located at 12131 Western Avenue in the city of Garden Grove.

Closed 1005 April 23

I am conducting an investigation on Tobacco Tavern Inc. located at 12072 Knott Street, Suite C, Garden Grove, CA 92841. I would like to know if the business owner - Karen Rippeto is required to file Articles of Incorporation with the City in order to obtain a business license? If so, may I requ...

Closed 1004 April 23

SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the City of Garden Grove for an existing, already maintained electronic record (without copying, scanning or printing) of purchase orders dated 01-20-2015 to current.

The information requested is:

1. Purchase order number or equivalent

Closed 1003 April 22

I am requesting under the California Public Records Act an electronic copy of the Form 700s (Statement of Economic Interest) for each City Council member and city manager from your city for every year from 2009 to 2014. Please refer all questions to the phone number below. Please reply to confi...

Closed 1001 April 21

Copy of Ordinance No. 2576, adopted on July 9, 2002, in which the City adopted an amended redevelopment plan.


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