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Closed 2066 August 11

Please provide me with electronic copies of all emails to and from Mayor Bao Nguyen during the period of July 1, 2016 through August 10, 2016, including attachments received and sent.

Closed 2065 August 11

Please provide copies of any open/active building and fire code violations for the property located at 7089 to 7091 Belgrave Avenue, parcel 131-344-06. (PZR Ref #96261-45)

Closed 2064 August 11

certificate of occupancy for 12821 Knott St, Garden Grove 92841

Closed 2063 August 11

Public Records/OPRA/FOIA Request

Please see the attached request regarding uncashed checks/stale-dated checks.

Thank you.

Closed 2062 August 11

Electronic Copy of contract between the City of Garden Grove and Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., the company that provides the traffic camera ticketing service.

Closed 2060 August 10

Electronic Copy of contract between the City of Garden Grove and Redflex.

Closed 2059 August 10

Copies of any and all building code violations and building permits issued for the property located at 11571 Dorada Ave in Garden Grove.

Closed 2058 August 10

Hello, I am looking for some City data to include in our quarterly newsletter. Can you please send over total population for Garden Grove, ethnicity living in Garden Grove (include number and percentage), age group and Garden Grove's percentage and total of who lives here, income and percentage...

Closed 2057 August 09

List of new business opening in Garden Grove in July and August 2016

Closed 2056 August 09

I would like to know the Date of Annexation when 12471 W Seveenteenth Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92703 became 12471 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92843. Any additional information about the property and ownership would be very much appreciated.


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