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Closed 1212 August 04

RE: 9191 Westminster Ave.

Copies of the fire code violation history, hazardous materials disclosure, permits, and environmental records for the property located at 9191 Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove.

Closed 1211 August 03

Hi Denise,

I just wanted to check in to see if the most current financial disclosures for the City Council members are available.

Thank you.

Closed 1210 August 03

Hi Ralph and Denise,

My name is Travis and earlier this year I reached out to you about a list of abandoned or derelict properties in the Garden Grove area. I believe they are categorized as substandard properties. Thank you kindly for researching that for me.

I wanted to reach out and se...

Closed 1209 August 03

A list of new businesses for the month of July 2015. Please include owners name and phone number.

Closed 1208 August 03

I would please like to request the listing of new businesses that have been filed for a Business License in your city in the months of June and July 2015.

Closed 1207 August 03

Good afternoon,

We would appreciate if you could please provide us with the bid item tabulation results for the project that bid on May 26, 2015.

Water Service Line Replacement Improvements Phase 1

Thank you,

Closed 1206 August 03

I'm looking for copies of the operational certification for the red light traffic enforcement cameras at the corner of Harbor and Trask. The certification that states the cameras are working within specific specifications. I'm also looking for some sort of certification for the timing of the ligh...

Closed 1205 August 03

New business listing for the month of July

Closed 1204 August 03

New business list for July 1-31 to be email to me

Closed 1203 August 03

A list of new businesses for July 2015 (in Excel Format if available) including: Business Name, Owner Name, Address, Phone #, and E-mail (if applicable).


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