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Closed 1044 May 18

Clients: Gia Mendez & Jim Owens
Date of Injury: 01/11/2015
Time: 7:03 a.m.
Location: Western Ave. & Lampson, Garden Grove, CA

This office represents Ms. Gia Mendez & Mr. Jim Owens in a claim for personal injuries sustained as a...

Closed 1043 May 18

Our firm is currently investigating a fire loss that occurred in your area. Pursuant to the Insurance Code 1875, we are requesting a copy of any information available to our office for the following fire loss.

Date of Loss: 05/05/15
Location: 11782 Loraleen St., Gar...

Closed 1042 May 18

Can you please provide me the the bid results (with bid item breakdown) for the project titled "West Street-Candy Lane Water Improvements Project", Project No. 7376 that bid on April 23, 2015? I would appreciate it if you can please email or fax them to me. Thank you!

Closed 1040 May 14

I have been reading about surveillance on Americans by police agencies, including tracking phones, and how those trackers disrupt ordinary people's cell phones. Moreover, it seems that the seller of the tracker requires secrecy - not the government or police. The idea that police can not discus...

Closed 1039 May 14

I'd like to request the following records in their original format:

All communications between City Manager Matthew Fertal and Interim Fire Chief Warren Hartley between October 1, 2014 and January 1, 2015.

All communications between Interim City Manager Allan Roeder and Interim Fire Chief W...

Closed 1038 May 13

Incident report for a fire that occurred at 12212 Quartz Circle, Garden Grove on April 11, 2015.

Thank you

Closed 1037 May 13

Copy of the Police Department's Patrol Duty Manual Policy on elder abuse.

Closed 1036 May 12

Fire code history, hazardous materials disclosure, permits, environmental records (underground and above ground storage tanks) for the property located at 7191 Patterson Drive, Garden Grove 92841.

See Attached

Closed 1035 May 12

Incident Report - G1505325

Residence: 10231 Dakota Ave.
Occupant: Socorro Bustos

I live out of state and had last contact with my mother Sat, May 9th @ 2pm. I understand her residence caught fire on Mother's Day or the night before. I am seeking information at to the extent of the ...

Closed 1034 May 11

This is a friendly reminder to please forward your City or County issued permit report for the month of April 2015. For your convenience, I have attached an optional form that can be used to fill out the total permit numbers and valuations. Please feel free to utilize this form only if it is e...


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