September 23, 2019

On November 6, 2018, Garden Grove voters passed Measure O - Garden Grove Public Safety/9-1-1 and Vital City Services Measure, authorizing a 1-cent (1%) transaction and use (sales) tax to provide a reliable source of locally-controlled revenue for Garden Grove's public safety and quality-of-life services. Collection of the 1-cent local sales tax began on April 1, 2019.

Measure O requires strict accountability, including an independent oversight committee and annual independent audits, and regular reports back to the community. The purpose of the Measure O Oversight Committee is to provide citizen oversight of Measure O funds to ensure all funds are properly spent. Resolution No. 9540-19 defines the composition of the Measure O - Citizens' Oversight Committee, its purpose, the terms of office for committee members, and defines the scope of the committee's responsibilities and other related matters.

Measure O Citizens' Oversight Committee

Measure O Public Safety Plan

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