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Closed 1694 April 04

I would like to know if the Fire Department has any records of underground or aboveground storage tanks, hazmat permits, or hazmat incidents at 12361 Chapman Avenue. The property is currently a restaurant, but in the 1960s and 1970s it was occupied by an auto dealer and truck rental facility.

Closed 1693 March 31

Copies of all Code Enforcement complaints/records for the property located at 11412 Dallas Drive, Garden Grove, 92840.

Closed 1692 March 31

List of new Business of the month of March, 2016.
Please Include the owner name, business address and phone #

Closed 1691 March 30

12752 Brookhurst Street, GG 92840

Fire Department Incident Records, UST, AST installations and removals records, remediation reports, environmental assessment reports, permits to install/remove USTs.
We are doing an environmental site assessment on land immediately adjacent to this 7-Eleven...

Closed 1690 March 30

Copy of the Fire Department's Investigation Report for an incident that occurred on January 26, 2016, at the location of 12561 Kensington Lane, Garden Grove, CA.

Closed 1689 March 30

Is there anything done to prevent/stop graffiti for the long term on the Trask buildings between Brookhurst and Taft? The graffiti is seen by thousands and it's almost a daily occurrence. Undercover operations, heavier fines, a wall, anti-graffiti paint?

Closed 1687 March 29

Good morning. I am writing as a request for information regarding the Neighborhood Improvement Committee. I would like to know who the members are, if they hold a city position and what that position is, what their mission statement or goals are and if possible to get any written minutes of their...

Closed 1686 March 28

Copy of the Fire Department's Incident Report and PreHospital Care Report for an accident that occurred on March 19, 2016, at the Home Depot Parking Lot.

Closed 1685 March 28

Requesting copy of the Traffic Accident Investigation occurred on 3/21/16 Case #16-014739.

Closed 1682 March 28


May I please have a copy of the DDA for the proposed hotel site on the North West corner of Harbor and Twintree with proposed developers, "Land Design."

Please and thank you!


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