List of Requests

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Closed 1861 May 31

Please provide Certificates of Occupancy and open Building, Zoning, and Fire code violations on the following property: Malabar (apartments)
9781 Bixby Avenue

Closed 1860 May 31

Attn: Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal
RE: 9781 Bixby Avenue, Garden Grove, CA (Malabar Apartments)
I am writing to request a copy of any current open or unresolved fire code inspection violations of record for the above referenced property.
Thank you for your assistance with this request.

Closed 1859 May 31

I am requesting two items. First, a copy of the 2016 permit issued to the Strawberry Festival for its event held last weekend, and second, a copy of the City's application to obtain such a permit.

Closed 1858 May 31

RE: Malabar Apartments - 9781 Bixby Avenue, Garden Grove, CA
Please provide a copy of the existing Certificate of Occupancy and copies of any open unresolved zoning and building violations of of records. thank you!

Closed 1857 May 31

Searching for house fire in the late 60; happen at 12182 Emerald St. G.G. The fire dept on Valley View and Chapman heard the explosion and immediately responded...The whole garage blew up.....My father, William D. Stanley, and my sister Terri A. Stanley where in that fire.....I can't see...

Closed 1856 May 31

We are doing an environmental site assessment on the property located at:

7435 & 7437 Lampson Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841

We would like to know if there are any records in regards to hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and/or any clarifiers on the property.

Closed 1855 May 31

When was the Pantai Market, located at 12062 West 1st Street, closed and/or bought by Certified Market? On December 15, 1981, a double homicide occurred at Pantai Market. I am trying to discover if Certified Market and Pantai Market are one in the same. The owner of Certified Market would like...

Closed 1854 May 31

I’m writing to request a copy (preferably in electronic format) of an accounting of all uncashed checks which have been outstanding for 180 days or more. Please include the payee name, check number, amount, issue date, and last known address when possible.

We are prepared to pay up to $50.0...

Closed 1853 May 31

Auto Accident
Date of Loss: 05/12/2016
Location: Euclid and Century, Garden Grove, CA
Parties Involvement Names: Juvencio Zafra

Closed 1852 May 31

Auto Accident
Date of Loss: 09/03/2015
Location: 13971 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA
Parties Involvement Names: Pamela French, Josephine Yepez (dob: [omitted]), CCK Builders Inc.
Details: veh struck pedestrian in or near McDonald's parking lot. FATALITY. Is this report available?


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