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Closed 1936 June 27

To whom it may concern,

I am conducting a zoning analysis report for a client at 10870 Katella Avenue, Garden Grove, CA.

I am requesting the following information pertaining to the subject property:
- A zoning verification letter
-Copies of Certificates of Occupancy
-Copies of site plans...

Closed 1935 June 27

I would like to request a list of all the businesses in Garden Grove - including contact, address, phone and email if listed.

Closed 1934 June 27

info on enforcement code violation : would you know if the code violation notice is sent to the owners resident address or is the notice only sent to the occupants (renting) residing at the property where the violation has occurred. The owners name is shown but the address is not show...

Closed 1933 June 27

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: unknown
Date of Loss: 6/15/16
Location: chapman & western ave
Insured: danny martinez, chris nguyen, & adp total source

Closed 1932 June 27

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: 16032235
Date of Loss: 6/17/16 Time: 7:06 PM
Location: orangewood st
Insured: joshua sarinana

Closed 1931 June 27

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: 16-032140
Date of Loss: 6/18/16 Time: 11:30 AM
Location: westminster & kerry
Insured: hoa hoang

Closed 1930 June 27

Auto Accident Report
Report Number: 16016145
Date of Loss: 3/28/16
Location: unknown
Insured: cat vo, lisa nguyen

Closed 1929 June 23


Our insured had her vehicle catch fire on 05/31/2016 at about 0528 hours. The location for this incident was 8520 Gloria Avenue and your incident number is G1605965.

I have a couple of question; First Is this matter currently under investigation? Secondly, has a cause of the fire b...

Closed 1928 June 23

Yesterday 6/22/16 i called GGPD to report my car missing on the night of 6/21/16 the idiot who i knew for a fact took my car XXXXXXXXX after various times asking for my car back he then said it was taken by GGPD the Vin number is XXXXXXXXX. THE REGISTERED OWNER XXXXXXXXX and the thief's name is ...

Closed 1927 June 22

Copy of new business listings for January - May 2016.


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