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Special Events Permit Application

To request a special event permit, please follow the following steps:
1. Complete the application in its entirety.
2. Indicate what the event is and what will occur at the event. Please be descriptive to avoid delay in permit approval.

  • a. Any hazardous processes
  • b. Occupancy load
  • c. Performance

3. Attach a site map of the event that includes but not limited to:

  • a. Aisles distances and seating
  • b. Any hazardous / flammable / combustible materials
  • c. Exits – Must be unobstructed
  • d. Fire department access roads – Must have a path that is unobstructed 13 feet in height and 20 feet wide
  • e. Generators – Must be located at least 50 feet away from any structure (including tents)
  • f. Portable fire extinguishers – Distance of travel to any portable fire extinguisher must be no more than 75 feet of travel from any portion of the room or area
  • g. Stages
  • h. Tents – Must be made of California State Fire Marshal-approved material
  • i. Electrical cables must be protected in areas that may expose them to fraying

Once you’re done, email it for approval. In the subject line, type the following subject: SPECIAL EVENTS PERMIT APPLICATION. A member of the fire prevention bureau may contact you should we need additional information. Once the application is approved, we will email you with the fee for the permit(s). The event is subject to an inspection by a member of the Fire Department throughout the event. If you have any questions, please call us at (714) 741-5628 or email