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Firefighter and Firefighter Paramedic Recruitment

The Garden Grove Fire Department is not accepting applications for firefighter or firefighter paramedic at this time. To be notified of our next recruitment, please submit an interest card at the link below. Select Fire & EMS

What It Takes To Become A Firefighter And Firefighter Paramedic

Candidates go through extensive training to be qualified for the Garden Grove Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic Recruitment. Some of the requirements include graduation from a California State Board of Fire Services-Approved Basic Fire Academy and a valid Emergency Medical Technician certification or Paramedic license. The following steps are what it takes to be eligible.

Getting Started

Generally, the first steps towards obtaining fire academy training is to enroll in a college that has a fire technology program. In order to be considered for the fire academy, candidates need to complete a set of fire technology core classes. Here are some of the local schools that have a fire technology program:

Fire Academy Training

Once you have completed the prerequisite fire technology core classes, you will be eligible to apply for entry into a basic fire academy. Fire academies have minimum hours required to be accredited, and run for 14 - 16 weeks. During this time, a candidate will be taught the many aspects of fire fighting and rescue operations. The fire academy requires you to be both mentally and physically fit in order to be successful. Physical fitness and ability are determined through one of two standardized physical ability tests, the Biddle Physical Ability Test and the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT). Graduation from a California State Board of Fire Services-Approved Basic Fire Academy brings you one step closer to being eligible for the Fire Department recruitment process.

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

In addition to having fire academy training, qualified candidates are required to possess a valid EMT certification from the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority. This is required because many of the 12,000 incidents that the Fire Department responds to include calls for medical aid assistance. EMT training programs can be found throughout Southern California. The Orange County EMT Training Programs are delivered by junior colleges, public career technical schools, and private EMT programs.

Paramedic License

In order to be eligible for the position of Firefighter Paramedic, qualified candidates are required to possess a valid Paramedic license from the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority in addition to basic fire academy training. Paramedics are trained to provide advanced life support skills that include advanced patient assessment and treatment that include administration of IVs, medication, and airway management. In order to be considered for paramedic training, candidates are required to have experience in the field as an EMT and have met the prerequisites of the paramedic training program. These are some of the paramedic training programs in Southern California: