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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials Disclosure/Inspection Program

This Program Affects Your Business

State and Federal legislation requires EVERY BUSINESS that handles or stores hazardous materials and/or hazardous waste above a specified amount, to report their inventories of hazardous materials to their local Fire Department. This disclosure information will assist the Fire Department in responding to emergencies involving hazardous materials along with meeting the "Community Right to Know Act" and safeguarding the environment.

Does Your Business Handle Hazardous Materials?

Many materials you may not consider as a "hazardous material" are, in fact, hazardous. If it is flammable, combustible, corrosive, caustic, explosive, toxic, poisonous, an irritant, etc., then it is a hazardous material. Also, if the item has a warning label or the manufacturer supplies a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), it is considered a hazardous material.
Consider the materials that you use in your business operations. If there are any hazards associated with them, then you are handling a hazardous material. The question now becomes one of, "Is this hazardous material a reportable quantity?" Basically, if your business handles any single hazardous material at any one time, in an amount greater than or equal to:

  • 55 gallons of a liquid,
  • 500 pounds of a solid, or
  • 200 cubic feet of a gas,

then you have a reportable quantity and are required to report your inventory to the Orange County Health Care Agency E-Submit program.
The fire department will be responsible for the inspection and regulation of hazardous materials storage per the current California Fire Code.

Other Circumstances

In addition, there are chemicals that state and federal governments have deemed to be "Extremely Hazardous Substances" (EHS) chemicals. These chemicals will be subject to SARA III OR EPCRA reporting, as indicated on the SDS. As a general rule, EHS items are required to be disclosed regardless of the amount.
Reportable amounts of waste materials must be disclosed. The fire department monitors the disclosure only, while Orange County Environmental Health regulates and tracks hazardous wastes for the City of Garden Grove.


The fee schedule for hazardous materials permits is regulated by Orange County Environmental Health. Questions regarding fees should be directed to Orange County Environmental Health through their online request form.


A current California law requires the reporting of hazardous material to be completed through an Internet web site or “Portal”. The use of paper reporting will no longer be accepted. The new link is;


Further information and tutorial are available on the above web site.
AB 2286 requires all agencies and businesses to electronically submit forms by January 1, 2013. Using “E-submit” saves you time, paper and postage. You can update your submission at any time in one secure location.
The E-Submit business portal is being deployed in phases to all 32 cities under the jurisdiction of Orange County Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA). There is a legislative requirement for all cities to be live by January 1, 2013.

Your First Step is go to E-Submit

  • Select Garden Grove as your city.
  • Request a USER NAME and PASSWORD. Once you receive these you will be able to login to E-Submit.
  • Authorization Letter must be included if the Hazardous Material Disclosure is being completed by someone other than the owner. A preformatted Authorization Letter is available towards the bottom of page once you have selected your city. Simply click on the link.

As E-Submit may be new for you, Orange County Environmental Health will be available to answer questions or provide needed assistance. The following email addresses can be used based on your business zip code:

92840 -
92841 & 92845 -
92843 -
92842 -