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GGUSD School & Facility Pre-Inspection Checklist

Per the California Fire Code, Section 1.11.1, and Health and Safety Code, Sections 13143 & 13146.3, the Garden Grove Fire Department is required to perform a fire life safety inspection of all Educational Occupancies in its jurisdiction. Garden Grove Unified School District schools fall under the E occupancy, and are required to be inspected annually. As a courtesy, the fire department has prepared a pre-inspection checklist program for schools. The checklist includes items commonly addressed, and is not intended to substitute the currently adopted fire code and other applicable codes and standards. Where a required correction is identified and is not included in this checklist or the identified correction conflicts with current California Fire Code (CFC), the current CFC and all applicable codes, standards and directives will be adhered to. All GGUSD schools are responsible for all applicable codes and standards and GGUSD directives and requirements. Additional current fire code regulations and applicable codes can be found in 2016 California Fire Code. To assist school district staff maintain a fire-safe environment for students, guests and staff year round, the fire department recommends following the pre-inspection checklist.