Most commercial and industrial businesses will be inspected by the Environmental Compliance Division to ensure businesses are implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs). BMPs are activities or engineered systems that prevent pollutants generated from business activities from being washed off site when it rains. More information on BMPs for specific businesses can be found in these brochures:

Proper Maintenance Practices for Your Business
Restaurant Sewer Spill Prevention
Restaurant Information on Grease

If you witness illegal dumping of a hazardous material in a storm drain, dial 9-1-1.

To report a discharge of non-storm water to the storm drain system, after calling 9-1-1, you may call the City of Garden Grove Environmental Compliance Division during office hours at (714) 741-5956 or after office hours at (714) 741-5375.

To report a sewer spill, please contact the Water Division during office hours at (714) 741-5395 or after office hours at (714) 741-5704.

To report a clogged storm drain please contact the Flood Control Division at (714) 741-5375.