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Closed 1111 June 22


Per our phone call I am requesting a copy of Ms. Belair's inspection report regarding the illegal dwelling in the garage of 12622 Walnut Avenue in Garden Grove. I would also like to request a record search (and subsequent letter revealing the results of the search) to see if there was...

Closed 1110 June 22


I'm writing to make an official public records request pursuant to the California Public Records Act and the federal Freedom of Information Act. I would like to receive a blank copy of the following applications:

Garden Grove Antique Shop Permit
Garden Grove Massage Establishment P...

Closed 1109 June 22

RE: 10442 Lampson Avenue, Garden Grove

I would like to know if the property at 10442 Lampson Avenue has any open/outstanding FIRE Code violations. If so please provide list of violations.

Closed 1108 June 22

Hello Denise,

My name is Kyle Namkoong, son of Young Namkoong, who fell from LA Fitness (Chapman & Valley View) on June 8th.

Could you please send me report for the ambulance.

Thank you so much.

Closed 1107 June 19


Please provide copies of open fire code violations for the property located at 12091 Bayport Street in Garden Grove.


Closed 1106 June 19


I would like to obtain copies of building permits for an apartment building at 10442 Lampson Avenue in Garden Grove.

I am looking for "original" building permit issued in 1963 and any re-roofing permit within past 10 years. There are four buildings and 27 units.

Thanks you.

Closed 1105 June 19

Good Afternoon,

I was referred here from your Fire Dept. to obtain a copy of the below fire incident report. The Claims Center, LLC is the third party claims administrator retained by AT&T to research and recover claims for damage to property. Below is information regarding a motor vehicle a...

Closed 1104 June 16

Please provide any open Building Code and Zoning Code violations as well as the Certificates of Occupancy for the following:

Park Grove Apartments, 9155 Central Avenue, Garden Grove , CA 92844

Please provide this information via email.

Thank you.

Closed 1103 June 16

RE Incident: 12072 Brookhurst St.
Garden Grove, CA 92840
Loss Date: 6/3/15 Approx. 1200 Hrs.
Structure Fire: Incident # Unknown

To Whom it may concern,

Peek Investigations is representing Nationwide Mutual Insurance in a fir...

Closed 1102 June 16

Any and all records or reports regarding any health and code violations for the property located at 12021 Bayport St., Garden Grove, CA 92840.

APN # 23115127


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