The City has a network of benchmarks for public use. These benchmarks may be used in project design within the City. These benchmarks were re-leveled, updated, and put on the City website as of April 2012. We trust that you will enjoy the new easy access to the City’s benchmark information. Please call (714) 741-5191 if there are any issues or corrections required for the data provided here.

If your project is located closest to an Orange County benchmark, then you may visit the County of Orange website.

Reference Map

To use the City's benchmarks you will need to go to the Reference Map. On the map you will be able to zoom in to the area of interest and locate the name of the nearest benchmark to your project. If you click the desired benchmark, data for that benchmark will be displayed.

Data File

If you already know the benchmark you wish to use and its designation, you can view the detailed record information. This file contains the benchmark information for the entire City in numerical order.