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Closed 1528 January 05

Name of owner of Harbor Seafood Buffet, 12761 Harbor Blvd, #1-1, Garden Grove, CA 92840 (Telephone: 714-636-3338)

Closed 1527 January 05

Copy of Fire Dept. Report for incident at 11330 Markon Drive, Garden Grove, 92841 occurring on 5/30/15

Closed 1526 January 05

May I please have Fire Dept documentation of house fire that occurred on Saturday, 12/05/2015. The location of the fire was 12692 8th St. Garden Grove, CA 92840. This document will be used to prove to "Time Warner Cable" that there really was a fire that destroyed their equipment. Thank you.

Closed 1525 January 04

Ref Tran: 561632921

A copy of the incident report for a car fire that occurred on December 26, 2015, at the location of 14332 Harrington Street in Garden Grove.

Closed 1524 January 04

RE: 11701, 11681, 11682, 11702 and 11762 Stuart Drive, (Rose Crest & Briar Crest Apts)
I am writing to request copies of any open or unresolved fire code inspection violations of record for the above referenced property.
Thank you for your assistance with this request.

Closed 1522 January 04

Form 700s for all current Planning Commissioners.

Closed 1521 January 04

requesting public records for building permit and/or characteristics of subject property located at: 12891 Oertly Dr., Garden Grove, Ca., 92840; APN 231-574-11
; this is for a bank appraisal; trying to confirm building living area, room counts, additions, etc.

Closed 1520 January 04

Dear city of Garden Grove clerk

My name is Jonathan Loc, a business and a taxpayer of garden grove.
I need a new business listing for the pass 3 months. Please help with this list and email me the list to my email.


Jonathan Loc

Closed 1519 January 04

I would like to request a list of new businesses for the month of December 2015. Please include the owners name and phone numbers.

Closed 1518 January 04


I would like to request the December 2015 issued permit report. I have attached the work order form to the email.

Thanks so much!

-Allison Paul


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