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Closed 1184 July 27

All Building Permit Records (original construction, demo, sewer, certificates of occupancy) for the address 9755 Chapman Avenue

Closed 1183 July 27

Is it possible to get a copy of all payments/compensation from the City of Garden Grove to Mayor Bao Nguyen, Council Persons, Bui, Jones, Phan and Beard for 2014 and the current year 2015? Would this also include any reimbursements for auto or travel expenses. I would also like to find out their ...

Closed 1182 July 27

For a book being written on Civil Rights in the USA I would like to confirm the birth and death dates of my former classmate, the Rev. Gary Smith, who was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Garden Grove at the time of his death ca. 1985. The publication is under the auspices of San Franc...

Closed 1181 July 23

I was requesting records on if the Garden Grove fire department has ever gone/has recently gone to the cell phone tower located at 9501 Chapman Ave for any hazmat incidents in the past. Thank you!

Closed 1178 July 22

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the California Government Code Section 6250-6276.48 regarding the California Public Records Act, I hereby request:

1. A copy of any records showing the (i) payee names and vendor numbers, (ii) check issue dates, (iii) check identification numbers, and (i...

Closed 1176 July 22

Please provide copies of Variance/special or conditional use permits, certificates of occupancy, open zoning, building and fire code violations, copies of any pending condemnation projects that would take the right of way from the property located at 9918 Katella Avenue

Closed 1175 July 22

I am requesting a copy of all records relating to 11711 easy way, garden grove, ca. 92840.
This house was partially burned around 5 years ago and we had to rebuild the interior. The city of Garden Grove requested we followed city codes while rebuilding the house. I would like all records of r...

Closed 1174 July 27

Greetings, folks. Teri Sforza from The Orange County Register here to bug you yet again.

I'm working on a story about public safety overtime. In 2013, several firefighters/police officers more than doubled their regular pay with overtime, and were among the most well-paid city employees in the...

Closed 1173 July 21

Good Morning,
I would appreciate if you could please provide us with a copy of the bid item tabulation results for the water project that bid on May 26, 2015.
The name of the project is Water Service Line Replacement and Improvements Project Phase I Project No. 7400.

Thank you,

Closed 1172 July 20

Are there any open building code violations at 11021 Brookhurst St.,
West Katella Avenue, and 12361-12465 Lewis Street in Garden Grove California.
Please also provide a Certificate of Occupancy for any of the properties listed above as well. Thank you.


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