Request #4819


Open Fire Code Violations
7422 Chapman Avenue
7422 Chapman Avenue
Please find this to be a formal request for record of any outstanding Fire or Safety Code Violations for the above listed
property. We are requesting a letter on municipal letterhead stating whether there are (or are not) any outstanding violations.
If there are outstanding violations, please provide us with copies of documentation for them.

Requester: Joanie M Phelan


Request has been completed.
July 22
Message from Maritza Pizarro

Please click on the link below to access documents responsive to your request.

Thank you,
Maritza Pizarro
City of Garden Grove
City Clerk's Office

July 22
Assigned to Lisa S Guardi, Amanda M Pollock
July 11
Request received
July 11
Message from the requesting party

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July 11


Closed on Jul 22