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Two requests here:

(1) I am interested in the Garden Grove historical zoning and property designation for all of the land that is the Willowick Golf Course, now owned by the City of Santa Ana (apparently), but owned up until a few years ago by the City of Garden Grove (if it is not still owned by the City of Garden Grove). I understand the City of GG bought the land in 1964 from whomever owned it. It was zoned as maybe a golf course property before that? I am interested in that. I am also interested in what the Willowick Golf Course property was designated to be by GG at and after its purchase in 1964, and all changes in designation (if any) from the 1964 acquisition date to the point in time it sold the property to Santa Ana.

(2) I am also interested in seeing the "lease agreements" between the City of GG and whomever it is (whatever it is) that was provided a "lease" on the Willowick Golf Course property after it was acquired by the City of GG, and any and all changes to that lease up to the date the City of GG may have (or did) sold the land here (more recently) to the City of Santa Ana.

Requester: Jack William (Billy) Graham


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June 06
Message from Maritza Pizarro

The City has no documents pertaining to your request. The subject property is within the City of Santa Ana, which controls the zoning for the property, which is still owned by the City of Garden Grove.

Thank you,
Maritza Pizarro
City of Garden Grove
City Clerk's Office

June 06
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May 30
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May 29


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