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Good Morning my name is Miranda and I'm contacting you on behalf of AT&T. I'm looking to see if you can search by date and location for a fire incident report involving a utility pole. Below is the only information that was given to me...Thanks!!

The Claims Center, LLC is the third party claims administrator retained by AT&T to research and recover claims for damage to property. Below is information regarding a motor vehicle accident in which our client sustained property damages.

Our Reference Number – 82969
On or About - 3/1/2019 (Date Range: 2/25/2019-3/2/2019)
What was Damaged - Utility Pole
Location of Accident NEAR - Chapman Ave & Medina Dr, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Will you please search your records using the above information to see if your department has a response regarding this damage? I was unable to locate a police report with the City, County or State police but I am thinking our date may be slightly off and may be why they cannot locate it. Will you please provide us with this information using any of the methods below & make sure to include our reference number as well. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

Miranda Psyk - Research Specialist
Phone: (866) 233-0353 Ext 235
Fax: (866) 233-9627

Requester: Miranda Psyk


Response pending.


Due on Jul 22