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This request is in regard to the budget of the City of Garden Grove.

I would like "a list of changes between what the council approved in public and the final contract".

In other words, the Garden Grove City Council approved a contract with the Garden Grove Police Department in April 2019. But, further changes were made to it by city staff after negotiations with the police department

I want a list of the the differences between what the City Council approved and the final contract that was negotiated by city staff.

Thank you.

Requester: Leland R Sisk


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July 22
Message from Maritza Pizarro

Per Garden Grove Human Resources Department the two changes to the MOU are as follows:
1) the footer was corrected to show correctly on each page, ensuring correct pagination
2) the index was corrected to include a line for Article II, section 5, Page 8: Police Officer II, Master Officer II and Corporal Officer II classifications

Thank you,
Maritza Pizarro
City Clerk's Office
City of Garden Grove

July 22
Assigned to Laura J Stover, Jany H Lee
July 11
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July 11


Closed on Jul 22